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Model:ET-80 TYPE
Standard Features:

● Stainless Steel Structure and Anodized AL, Teflon
    Coating on Heating Element
● PLC with Touched Screen Display Design, Inverter,
    and Index Gear
● Single or 3 Phase Electricity System, Pneumatic
    Pressure 200~300 liters/min
● Film Rewinding System by Sensor, Encoder, or
● Film Feed Available for Plain & colorful film
● Sealing (Profile cutting)
● Fresh Meat, Poultry, and Sea Food
● Ready Meat and Fresh Pasta
● Vegetable and Fresh Salads
● Dips, Ham, and Sauces
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Specifications :
Model Machine Dimension
Max Container Size
ET-801D4 950x950x1500 220x170x120 (diameter 170) 900PCS/hr
ET-801D8 950x950x1500 90x170x120 (diameter 90) 1000PCS/hr
ET-802D4 950x950x1500 95x 170x120 (diameter 95) 1800PCS/hr
ET-802D8 950x950x1500 90x75x120 (diameter 75) 2000PCS/hr

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